The Story of Success

A peasant by birth, this self made man spent his youth as a shepherd in his beloved province of Caramoran, Catanduanes. After high school, his father requested him to just help him in the farm because they can no longer afford to support his college education, but the young boy has a big dream to fulfill.
Hoping to find fortune and change the course of his life, he eventually struck out for Manila. He was 17. Arriving in the capital city with nothing but the clothes in his back, Rey Valenzuela lucked into employment as a houseboy for a prominent family in Meycauyan, Bulacan. Though he could hardly adjust the kind of life in the city, he never gave up. This probinsyano strived even more.

In his free time as a houseboy, he helps in a hardware store where he had to carry object twice his weight. Rey knew that life is not easy, he had to hit rock bottom to survive and reach his dreams. He turned nights into days so that he can also send money to his parents in the province.

It was in 1977 when he was introduced to Ms. Lagdameo by his cousin. Ms. Lagdameo was the Office Manager of the old Travellers Insurance & Surety Corporation then and cousin of the Ramoses, the former owner of TRISCO. Rey was hired as a janitor/messenger of TRISCO, however, Mr. Ramos knew that he has no place to stay, so he offered Rey to stay in the office as long as he wants. From then on, the stockroom served as his sleeping quarter for years.

After 2 years with TRISCO, he was able to saved money enough to pay his tuition fee. He enrolled at the Lyceum of the Philippines and took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. At 6 AM he started cleaning the whole floor of the office and does office errands in the afternoon, so that he could leave the office early to attend his class at 5PM.

For Rey every penny is as precious as jewel, he had to walk going to school to save money for his tuition fees. After school, he will again clean the office before he could study his lessons and do his homework.

His hard work paid off and eventually rose to head the Claims Department. He completed a miraculous rise from poor shepherd to a houseboy, to a helper, to a janitor and now a successful career man. From his humble beginnings, he has gone on to where he stands today, his sheer tenacity, confidence and hard work led him to be successful in life.

Featured Article By: Catherine A. Peran