In year 2020, Philippines have been challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic aggravated by the disastrous aftermath of Super Typhoon Ulysses which made a landfall a few weeks before the holidays. It affected large parts of the country and NCR was not spared.  Consequently, in the holiday spirit, TRISCO decided to conduct an outreach activity to a certain community of children at Brgy. Tumana and Brgy. Concepcion, Marikina City on December 19, 2020.


Image 01: Operation Smile, Tis the Season to Give—the theme of this Outreach Program, held in Future Child Development Center.

Christmas as the season of giving, is supposed to be a season to be jolly. With all the uncertainties brought by these series of calamities, putting a smile on everyone’s faces seemed to be a daunting task but TRISCO committed to make sure that smile on these Children will be visible.


Image 02: Two employee-volunteers preparing the boxes of gifts to be transported to the venue.  

Despite the sign of inclement weather, the dedication of TRISCO to push through with the program is prevailing. As a matter-of-factly, these gifts may be the least of all to be given to them, instead, the thought of camaraderie, thoughtfulness and initiatives of appearing with them in this time of crisis is what really enlivens the idea of Christmas.


Image 03: Supplies of primary essentials such as food and health care kits were given to the children beneficiaries.


Image 04: Children observing the social distancing and wearing of mask

Constricted with the new normal, the team in-charge of this program made sure that certain safety protocols were carefully observed without compromising the main objective of the event which is to bring out the children’s smile.


Image 05: The excitement and energy of the children beneficiaries were manifested even before the event officially started.

For the kids to be enlightened with the guidelines of the program, Ms. Jocelyn T. Catalan, Brgy.Secretary of Iwahig, Doña Petra St., Brgy. Tumana gave a brief orientation about the event proper. Thereafter, a short ice breaker and drill made the kids even more excited while waiting for the main event of gift-giving.


Image 06: SVP-Treasurer, Ms. Sandra Lee-Ang gave an introductory remark for the audience.

TRISCO’s SVP-Treasurer, Ms. Sandra Lee-Ang opened the program with an inspirational message about being joyous and thankful despite the calamities we experienced in 2020.


Image 07: Distribution of gift (starting from the left) by Ms. Divine of Credit and Collection, Kuya Boy of Admin Dept., Ps. Andy, SLA (SVP-Treasurer) and Ms. Marisa (Accounts Marketing Manager).  


Image 08: Captured moment of a participant with special need who was the last recipient of the gift-giving.

There is nothing more inspirational to witness than seeing a genuine and grateful smile etched on someone’s face. Operation Smile, ‘Tis The Season to Give—indeed served its purpose and was a success.


Image 09: All Employee-volunteers who made the outreach program possible.