With the country beset by an ongoing armed conflict in Marawi, Lanao Del Sur, TRISCO endeavored to ease the suffering of victims through an emergency disaster relief operation on June 3, 2017.

Image 01: Pick-up of goods from their respective sources around 7am.

A total of 20 sacks of rice and 65 aid boxes of mineral water, noodles, sardines, coffee and milo were sent through DSWD ARMM as a mainstream platform of “ONE with MARAWI”, responsible for the distribution of relief goods for internally displaced people from Marawi City.

Image 02: D.E ARUMPAC allows us to use their service vehicle as an addition to the other vehicle that we provided.

Amidst a deadly firefight between Philippine government forces and affiliated militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, TRISCO believes that Marawi City will be coming home at the forefront of rebuilding and bringing life back to the city. This is where our long term commitment lies, a commitment that goes beyond providing relief and immediate solution, but an effort to reach out for the entire nation to heal and recover from this terrifying event.

Image 04: Having the distance of 84KM, Cotabato City to Malabang usually consumes two(2) hours. It took us 17 check points, than the normal 6 to 8 check points, and an additional hour to reach our destination.

Image 05: To begin our Relief Operation, BatCom introduced us to the DSWD Staffs who handles overall relief operation that has been delivered from “ONE with MARAWI”.

Image 08: Actual counting and unloading of goods.

Image 10: Acknowledgement receipt issued to Travellers Insurance & Surety Corp. after the counting was done.

Image 11: We then joined the volunteers to do repacking of goods.

Image 12: It was indeed a successful Relief Operation.

Travellers Insurance & Surety Corp. would like to thank DPWH-ARMM, DSWD-ARMM all those who supported us during this endeavour.

Editor in Chief: Atty. Florence B. Carandang

Article Provided by: Cathy A. Peran

Relief Operation Spear-Headed by; Images Provided by: Katherine D. Dominguez